From the age of 10

Multi Nordic

Our experienced instructors invite your children, aged 10 and over, to enjoy an immersive week discovering the many facets of cross-country skiing! Each day brings a new experience, from beginners to advanced, as you explore the magnificent Pralognan Nordic area. From the excitement of laser rifle biathlon to the elegant mastery of skating, this week promises discovery, challenges and unforgettable moments with friends on the slopes!
WELCOME TO THE PRALOGNAN-LA-VANOISE ESF You can already book your ski lessons for winter 2024/25 ! We look forward to welcoming you to our ski school.
When are you coming?
Dec 2024
Jan 2025
Multi Nordic
Your child, aged 10 and over, can explore the mountains in the company of an ESF Pralognan instructor on cross-country ski trails suitable for all levels. Our varied programme with different activities every days will help them discover the many facets of cross-country skiing:
  • Sunday: Introduction to classic cross-country skiing, learning how to move around on flat, uphill and downhill slopes, all while keeping balance!
  • Monday: Advanced classic cross-country skiing, with the sliding step, the snowplough and the scissor climb.
  • Tuesday: Improving your Nordic skiing, from the alternating step to the elementary turn, via the half-snowplough or telemark!
  • Wednesday: Nordic getaway to the Pralo ski area, away from the hustle and bustle, to practise the techniques you've learned.
  • Thursday: Biathlon with laser rifle, combining cross-country skiing and shooting range, your child will discover an Olympic sport!
  • Friday: Skating, to master skating techniques on the Pralognan Nordic area.
Lessons may not take place if there are less than 5 students enrolled.
Multi-nordic group lessons group together adults and teens aged 10 and over.

Frequently asked questions

In insurance included?
No, no insurance is included in the price of the lessons. We strongly recommend that you check your current insurance cover and take out Carré Neige Insurance.
Does my child need a ski pass?
All private and group Nordic ski lessons (classic and skating) require an access badge for cross-country skiing , whatever your level.
How should I equip my child?
  • The skis used for classic cross-country skiing are long and narrow: they have no metal edges, and the central part is waxed for retention or fitted with scales for touring.
  • Skating is practised with smooth skis, without holding wax, to slide as smoothly as possible along the entire length of the ski.
What's the difference between classic and skating cross-country skiing?
  • Classic cross-country skiing: this traditional technique, known as classic, consists of skiing in 2 parallel tracks. It is also known as the alternating step technique, because you slide from one foot to the other.
  • Skating: this style is similar to skating and is more demanding than the classic as it requires a certain level of physical fitness.
Does my child need to bring snacks?
Children can keep a cereal bar or a drinkable compote in their pockets in case they get hungry, especially if the weather is bad.