How to choose my ski pass

Please note: The ski pass is not included in the price of the lesson and is compulsory to access the ski lifts. Please buy one before your lessons.

Your ski pass can be booked in advance online (be warned that passes are cheaper the earlier you book them) or bought on site at the lift ticket offices.
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Ski passes

Ski lessons

  • For children under 5, there is a free ski pass which can be collected from the lift ticket office on presentation of a document proving the child's age (please note: a magnetic holder costs €2).

  • For children enrolled in the Beginner or Ourson classes, there is a special 6-day "Deb/Ours" ski pass at a preferential rate: €67.
  • For children enrolled in Flocon, there is a 6-day ski pass at a special "Flocon" rate: €94.
These passes are valid for 6 days, all day and throughout the whole ski area. You can book them when you are booking ESF lessons (optional) or at the lift desk on presentation of proof of enrolment in ski lessons.
When you book online, you can choose :
- the lessons + medal + ski pass pack (magnetic holder included) and pick up the ski pass at the lift ticket office.
- the lesson + medal pack and buy the ski pass on site at the same price by presenting proof of enrolment in the ESF lesson (fee receipt, VEL confirmation email or E-ticket), with the possibility of recharging your existing magnetic cards.
  • From 1ère Étoile to Compétition, a "Child" ski pass is required from the first to the last day of lessons.

  • For beginners, a ski pass is not required for the 1st day of lessons. You can buy it on site when you are ready to use the lifts, on the advice of your instructor.
  • From level Class 1 upwards, i.e. you have already put on skis and you have at least mastered snowploughing: the ski pass is required from the 1st day of lessons.

Snowboard lessons

  • Snowboard beginners (children, teenagers, adults) do not need a ski pass on the 1st day of lessons. The instructor will tell you which one is required for the following days after the first lesson.
  • From Snow 1 or Rookie Rider, a Pralognan ski pass (Child or Adult) is required from the 1st day of lessons.

  • Beginners : this is your first lesson, so don't buy a ski pass in advance and bring a means of payment in case you need one during the lesson.
  • From Snow 1 or Rookie Rider, a Pralognan ski pass (Child or Adult) is required from the first private lesson.


All private and group Nordic ski lessons (classic and skating) require a ski pass to access the cross-country ski runs, whatever your level. These can only be purchased at the ski lift ticket offices.
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Special Easter ski pass

  • A free ski pass is available for children under 5. Simply go to the lift ticket office and show a proof of your child's age to collect it. You will, however, need to purchase the support (€2) or bring a magnetic support if you already have one.
  • Children enrolled in Piou Piou do not need lift passes during lessons.
  • For the Oursons and the Flocons, the instructors will let you know the day before when the special Easter ski pass will be needed.
  • Beginners don't need lift passes on the first day of lessons!
  • The special Easter ski pass is essential from the first day of lessons for pupils enrolled from 1ère Étoile upwards and in Class 1!