ski group lessons

Progress in a friendly atmosphere !

  • Beginners : The beginners' group lesson ( 1st ski preparation) is open to people who have never skied. Our ski instructors are skilled and trained to teach all levels, so everyone can learn !

  • From class 1 to  class 4 : From the initiated to expert skier, discover techniques and polish up your style!

New : Possibility of combining ski lessons with a survival course.

In addition to your week of ski lessons, come and discover the mountains in ways other than skiing !
A survival course is to reconnect with Mother Nature and gently discover survival techniques in a snowy mountain far from your daily life. Understanding the cold, knowing how to make a shelter in the snow to spend the night there and lighting a fire are part of the learning of this course! Fun and useful, it allows you to discover the basics of a safe mountain outing, to face all the hazards.
Please note : The followings rates do not include insurance nor equipment rental.
Beginners, taking group lessons, do not need the 1rst day a ski lifts pass !

From Class 1 to Class 4, the lift pass is compulsory from the first day of lessons !
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Group Lessons take place from 5 people.

schedule ski group lessons
Group Lessons start from Sunday  or  Monday for 5 or 6 days (single price).

PERIODS morningafternoon
From 24/12 to 10/029.30 am – 11.45 am2.15 pm – 4.30 pm * & **
From 11/02 to 09/039 am – 11 am 3 pm – 5 pm * & ***
From 10/03 to 12/049.30 am – 11.45 am
* On Saturdays, group classes are held exclusively in the morning and are only available during school holidays. ** From 07/01/23 to 10/02/23 group classes are only in the morning.
*** From 11/02 to 09/03 group lessons are offered up to class 3.
From April 7 to 12, please consult the Mountain Experience(s) - Easter Offer section.

rates ski group lessons
The followings rates do not include medal, insurance, ski lift pass nor equipment rental.

5 or 6 half-days139 € 146 €
1 half day (Sunday or Monday only, during low season) 33 €
Group lessons take place if a minimum of 5 people or more are registered.
* From 24/12/2023 to 06/01/23 and from 11/02/2024 to 09/03/2024.

Medal or reward included - Followings rates do not include insurance, ski lifts pass nor equipment rental.

5 or 6 Alpine Skiing mornings + 3 Survival afternoons *188 €
5 or 6 Alpine Skiing half-days + 3 Survival mornings** / 3 Survival middays***198 €
Group lessons take place if a minimum of 5 people or more are registered.
* 3-day course : Monday to Wednesday.
** From 24/12/2023 to 06/01/2024 : from Sunday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Friday.
*** From 11/02/2024 to 09/03/2024: from Sunday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Friday.
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