Frequently asked questions

Club Piou Piou

  • What is the programme of a day at the Club Piou Piou ?
The day programme respects the  children's learning paces. When not  learning to ski, the children's time is divided between teatime snack, toilet stops, games and  having fun in the snow…
  • Do children ski right away ?
Your child might need a bit more time to settle in, get his bearings… Let him take his time according to his motivation and wishes.

  • Which equipment for my child ?
Right size ski boots with a single pair of socks. Trust the professionals for the ski settings. No poles needed for Club Piou Piou. A helmet is complusory.

  • How to dress my child ?
Jacket, overalls or ski suit , warm, comfortable and waterproof. Mittens rather than ski gloves. Ski mask or sunglasses (fastened with a cordon to avoid losing them).  At least SPF 30 sunscreen.

  • Can I watch my child's lessons?
We would advise you to wear a false nose and moustache if you would like to watch as, believe us, your children will learn quicker if they know mum or dad is not around. Better to ask for a  small report at the end of the session. We'll your mobile phone number (please give it to our receptionists) and we will quickly get in touch with you should a problem occur  or if your child is very upset .

  • What to do if my child cries on the day ?
The Club Piou Piou remains a group course that each child discovers at his own pace. Some will be more active than others but do not worry if you see your child take  a little longer, he can not always be dashing around. The instructors are taking care of him and will gently ask him to come back among the others. The professionals at the Club Piou Piou are experienced enough to distinguish  fear of the unknown from separation tears. They will do everything in their power to appease and distract your child. Dialogue with the parents is important.

Children group lessons

  • Do I need to buy a ski lift pass ?

For child beginners  (Ourson or Flocon), SPECIAL OFFERS are proposed by the resort and the ESF :
Ourson and Flocon ski lessons  take place in the Jardin des Neiges, a gently sloped area for beginners equiped with rope tows. 
- Under 5 years old, a free ski pass is issued at the ski lifts office on presenting a justification of age.
- For those over 5 a special Flocon or Ourson pass is issued at the ski lifts office on presenting the lesson receipt. You can also buy it with the ski lessons on this website. (Ourson and Flocon passes are valid 6 days on all the skiing domain , even outside ski lesson hours).

From the 1ère Etoile level, children need a ski lift pass from day one.  
It is free for children under 5 and it must be collected at the ski lift pass office on presenting a justification of age.
For those over 5 we offer (only available when booking) lessons + ski lift pass packages.

  • What if my child is tired or cold ?
For skiing to remain a pleasure, it is the time for a snack, so that the young ones can rest and recover their strength.  

  • Will my child get a medal ?
Friday is the big test day. To finish the week by having a good time each child will receive a medal from the ski instructors. The medal is included in the rates, if you have chosen the 6 half day ski lessons package.

  • Does my child need to take a packed snack ?
He can have a cereal bar in his pocket in case he's hungry  (especially if the weather is bad).

Private lessons

  • Do you advise private lessons for beginners ?
In many cases, to help children  overcome their natural feeling of insecurity towards skiing private lessons are recommended.

  • I have two children, can they share the same ski instructor ?
Yes. Private lessons can take up to 4 pupils but it is  important to note that they are less efficient. Likewise it is important for the lesson to be successful  that the children are of the same technical level.

Snowboard lessons

  • What kind of equipment do I need for this course ?
You must bring along your snowboard equipment having previously  checked that it is appropriate as well as warm clothes. 

  • What age can my child begin snowboarding ?
In group lessons from 10 years old and from 8 in private lessons.

  • Do I need personal protection equipment ?
A helmet and wrist guards are compulsory for beginners.