STARS ski lessons

After Flocon

I join first star goup if  I already have obtained the Flocon medal
Please note : The followings rates do not include insurance nor equipment rental.
A ski lift pass is compulsory from the first day (Whatever the age of the child).
For those over 5 a special Ourson pass is issued at the ski lifts office on presenting the lesson receipt. You can also buy it with the ski lessons on this website or at the ski lift ticket office on presentation of proof of registration during skiing. Under 5 years old, a free ski pass can be collected at the ski lifts office on presenting a justification of age.
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Group Lessons take place from 5 people.

schedule Group LESSONS
Group lessons take place from Sunday or Monday for 5  or 6 days (single price).

PERIODS morningMiddayafternoon
From 24/12 to 10/029.30 am – 11.45 am *2.15 pm – 4.30 pm *
From 11/02 to 09/039 am – 11 am11.15 am – 1.15 pm *3 pm – 5 pm *
From 10/03 to 12/04 9.30 am – 11.45 am2.30 pm – 4.45 pm **
* On Saturdays, group classes are held exclusively in the morning and are only available during school holidays.
** As of the 18th March, no more afternoon lessons.
From April 7 to 12, please consult the Mountain Experience(s) - Easter Offer section.

rates  group lessons
Medal or reward included - Followings rates do not include insurance, ski lifts pass nor equipment rental.

outside french
school holidays
          french *
 school holidays
5 or 6 half-days139 € 146 €
1 half-day (Sunday or Monday only, during low season)33 €
Group lessons take place if a minimum of 5 people or more are registered.
* From 24/12/2023 to 06/01/2024 and from 11/02/2024 to 09/03/2024.
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Outside school holidays, you can register for Team Etoile to prepare for the bronze star, silver star or gold star.

Team Etoiles
Joining the Team Étoiles, means an ongoing improvement of your skiing skills as well as discovering ski techniques to help you gain confidence and self-belief.
With timed runs, tricks, jumps, multi-skiing activities and challenges, you will make progress in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Reach your goals and gain the Étoile d'Or level!
Étoile de Bronze level objectives
  • Giant Mini-Slalom: I am able to quickly link short and wide turns with changes of rhythm.
  • Ski Cross type run: I am able to control my balance in a schuss when taking off from rounded bumps.
  • I have a refined style for short fast turns.
  • I am comfortable with all snow conditions and external factors like the steepness of the slopes, other skiers and the type of snow conditions.
Étoile d'Argent level objectives
  • I am able to complete a series of wide turns with refined style and precision.
  • I am able to complete a series of short and fast turns with refined style and precision.
  • I am able to perform a mini giant slalom within a specified time.
  • I am able to perform basic jumps and tricks.
Étoile d'Or level objectives
  • I am able to complete a series of technically perfect, wide, short and high-speed turns over varied terrains.
  • I am able to perform jumps and tricks on a prepared piste or terrain (ski cross type run).
  • I am confident in challenging terrains or areas: e.g. skiercross, halfpipe.
  • I am able to perform a giant slalom, within a specified time.
  • I am able to ski without stopping on steep pistes, on any type of snow, taking into account external factors.
    Basically, having the qualities and skills of any great skier!